A Short Introduction to The Japan Forest Engineering Society

President Dr. Yuki IMATOMI
Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture

Outline of the Japan Forest Engineering Society

The Japan Forest Engineering Society was first established in 1951 as the Japan Forest Engineering Association. The purpose of this Association was to bridge the gap between research and actual forestry, and to promote the technology of forest engineering. The members encompassed researchers, administrators, forest engineers, forest managers, and forestry machine manufacturers.

The harvesting of timber and utilization of forests require expertise regarding eco-systems and the environment. Conflicting objectives such as economics and ecology, productivity and the environment, and harvesting and regeneration must be resolved and harmonized scientifically and technologically. The growing stocks of forest in our country have increased and it is a social issue to use these forest resources. The role of JFES closely related to the use of forest resources is getting bigger.

Journal of the Society

JFES publishes the Journal of the Japan Forest Engineering Society four times a year. This contains original articles, reviews, research notes, short communications, and miscellaneous news.


Members include individuals, students, organizations, and supporting members, with around 300 members in total.