Types of Membership and Annual Dues

 The JFES has following membership types.

Regular Member
Individuals or organizations who wish to work with us to improve the forest engineering field.
Categories Annual dues
Regular member (Individuals) 7,000 yen
Regular member (Students) 3,000 yen
Regular mamber (Organizations) 10,000 yen/unit, 1 or more units
Supporting Member
Companies who support our activities and donate 30,000 yen/year or more.

Benefits of Membership

  • Members can report researches at the annual JFES meetings.
  • Members can attend events that the JFES holds*.
  • Members can submit articles to the Journal of Japanese Forest Engineering Society. Members can receive copies of the Journal as well.

*Organization and company members can have following number of people attend the events depending on the annual due-units.
 2 units or less: 1
 3- 5 units: 3
 6 units or more: 5

How to Join Us

 Please fill in the application form and send it to the JFES office by E-mail, FAX, or mail. E-mail is recommended.

The JFES office
FAX: 03-5841-7553
Mail: Lab. of Forest Utilization, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science, The University of Tokyo
1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo 113-8657 JAPAN

Payment Options of Annual Dues

 Following payment options are acceptable.

Automatic withdrawal from JP Bank account (recommended)
If you have a JP Bank account, you can use automatic withdrawal.
Please fill in the application form below and send it to the JFES office by FAX or E-maill.
Remittance to Bank accounts
JP Bank: account number 00110-8-49784, holder '森林利用学会'
Mizuho Bank, Hongo Branch: account number 1099215, holder '森林利用学会'