Vol. 12 (1997)

Issue 1

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Planning of forest road network using a GIS Wanchai ARUNPRAPARUT, Toshiaki TASAKA and Shiro OCHI 1-8
ARTICLE A Profile Classification of terrain for the planning light cable way yarding operations (1)
-Damage of the residual trees and soil compaction by skidding operations-
Jun'ichi GOTOU 9-18
ARTICLE Design of a walking machine for silviculture with legs of linear motion mechanism Yoshinori KUMAKURA and Akifumi FUKUDA 19-26
ARTICLE The evaluation of human response to the noise with different frequency distributions Katsumi TOYOKAWA, Kouichi ICHIHARA and Isao SAWAGUCHI 27-34
ARTICLE Simulation of the logging operation system with a use of GPSS (3) -Operation systems on a moderate slope- Xiangyang ZHOU and Yoshio FUJII 35-44
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Successful cause of making Circled Road Network in Morozuka-village in Miyazaki-prefecture Mariko TANAKA 45-50
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT An analysis by psychometrical means on the image of logging operations with high efficient forest machinery Yuki IMATOMI, Yasuo KOHATA, Shigeichi YOSHIDA and Toshiyuki TSUSHIMA 51-56
NOTE Report on forestry in East Kalimantan Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA 57-60

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Method of terrain analysis for forest operational planning (2)
-Estimation of terrain indices using slope-Gradient distribution-
Motoki INOUE and Masaru OKA 73-82
ARTICLE Transition of the sites after harvesting by forest machine Kazuhiro ARUGA, Masahiro IWAOKA, Hideo SAKAI and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 83-90
ARTICLE Characteristics of a vehicle for silvicultural operation that has stepped axles and variable tread system Takeshi YAMADA, Shozo SASAKI, Hiroshi KOBAYASHI and Ryoichiro OIKAWA 91-98
ARTICLE Logging analysis and forest networks planning in multi-storied forest in peninsula Malaysia Isao SAWAGUCHI, Shunji SHIMIZU, Osamu OHKAWABATA, Katsumi TOYOKAWA and Kouichi ICHIHARA 99-110
ARTICLE An experimental study on characteristics of suspended sediment running off from forest road surface LEE Sung-ki and Hirohiko MINEMATSU 111-120
ARTICLE Physical burden of knees in walking on a slope with loads Yozo YAMADA, Katsuyuki MINATO and Toshiki AOI 121-130
NOTE Symposium of The Japan Forest Engineering Society in 1997 Jun KASHIMA 131-140

Issue 3

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE A study on the availability of applying fuzzy logic to the decision making of the arterial road route in mountainous area PAN Xiao Dong, Jun'ichi GOTOU, GUO Biao and Makoto YAMAMOTO 163-172
ARTICLE The expected economic advantage of a new hybrid harvesting machine Myles MAC DONNCADHA and Masao SHISHIUCHI 173-182
ARTICLE A study on a wheel grapple-bunk skidder from the point of human engineering Katsumi TOYOKAWA, Yozo YAMADA, Shinji HIROBE, Takumi UEMURA, Yuki IMATOMI and Jun KASHIMA 183-192
ARTICLE An operation system using a newly-developed tower yarder altered from a power shovel (3)
- Comparison between uphill yarding and downhill yarding -
Shigeki SASAKI, Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA, Toshiaki YAMAMOTO, Kunihiko NUMATA and Kouichi KANZAKI 193-202
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A cost analysis of operation systems of forestry machines such as processors, forwarders, harvesters and so on Hideo SAKAI 203-208
NOTE Report on Japan-Korea Forest Engineering Symposium Hiroko SHIMIZU, TAO Jianping and Hideo SAKAI 209-214
MISCELLANEOUS NOTE "Forest engineering will change?" Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA 215-216
NEWS   Yuichiro AOKI 219-220