Vol. 4 (1989)

Issue 1

Article type Title Author page
REVIEW Today's new development searching for high productivity logging system Yasusi Minamikata 1-7
NOTE Symposium on the logging industries today in the Scandinavian countries Editors 8-22
NOTE Symposium on the mechanization for small size regional logging operations Editors 23-37
NOTE Symposium on the selective cut operation in mountain terrain Jun'ichi Gotou 38-39
ABSTRACT An Introduction to Off-Road Processors and Harvesters Richardson Robin
(Toshio Nitami)

Issue 2

Article type Title Author page
REVIEW The introduction of the "GPS" and the possibility of applyingit to logging operations Makoto Yamamoto 1-6
ARTICLE The possibility of introducing tree processors Hideo Sakai and Shirou Ochi 7-12
NOTE The symposium of the Japan Forest Engineering Association
"How can multi-function machines be put to practical use ?"
Editors 17-38
NOTE The summary of the presentations at the Forest Engineering division on the 100th annual meeting of the Japanese Forestry Society Shinji Hirobe and Youzou Yamada 39-42
ABSTRACT The use of wide, high-flotation tires for skidding on steep ground Ernest Heidersdorf
(Jian Hua Yang)
ABSTRACT Performance of TIMBCO Hydro-Buncher on steep terrain B. L. Lanford, B.J. Stokes
(Yoshinori Kumakura)