Vol. 18 (2003)

Issue 1

Article type Title Authors page
FOREWORD New Year's Greeting Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 1-2
ARTICLE Estimating the silt and clay content of soil layers by using topographic characteristics CHENG Pei Feng, Jun'ichi GOTOU, Takahisa MATSUOKA and ZHAO Wen Mei 3-12
ARTICLE The theory of the cumulative frequency distribution of catchment areas of the valleys crossing a forest road Koichi ICHIHARA, Yusuke OGASAWARA and Katsumi TOYOKAWA 13-20
ARTICLE An analysis of cable tension in yarding operation by a Mobile Tower-Yarder Sang Jun PARK, Hiroshi KOBAYASHI and Hideo SAKAI 21-28
ARTICLE Development of the brush cutter equipped with shaft brake Jun KASHIMA, Tatsuya SASAKI, Masaki JINKAWA, Michiyasu KUWANO, Akira NAGASHIMA, Hiromichi KAWASAKI and Hiroshi TAKAHASHI
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Risk-taking behavior analysis of felling operations Yuki IMATOMI 37-41
MISCELLANEOUS NOTE Development of a single axle bogie structure for the train of forest railway and the subway accident of derailment Shoji OKAWARA 43-45
NOTE Variety for Forest Harvesting System and the Utilization at Mountainous Terrain-10th Meeting of Forest Harvesting System Study Group, The Japan Forest Engineering Society- Toshio NITAMI 47-51
NOTE Possibility of New Forestry Business, Consisting Forest Operation Mechanization and Eco-tourism Toshio NITAMI 53-54
NOTE Centennial Celebrating Meeting of Laboratory of Forest Utilization Toshio NITAMI 55-56
NEWS   Mitsuo HIMENO 57-58

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
SUMMARY OF STUDIES RECIEVED 2002 JFES PRIZE Studies on the improvement of the productivity and work safety in small-scale harvesting operations Shiro TATSUKAWA 65
ARTICLE Effects of stream work on the water temperature and nitrogen load of stream water in a riparian buffer zone Kaori ITO, Koki INOUE and Itsuro ISHIGAKI 67-74
ARTICLE Workload and Work Efficiency of Manual Log Transportation in Java Yoshihiko TAKIMOTO and Efi Yuliati YOVI 75-84
ARTICLE Model tests on the effect of slope reinforcement with wooden retaining wall and its mechanism Hajime YAMASAKI and Hideo HAYASHI 85-94
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT State of utilization of riding-type monorails and associated factors to use effectively Masaki JINKAWA 95-102
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Usage and Possibility of Oil Palm Biomass Waste in Malaysia Yasuo KOUNAMI 103-108
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE The research for the Possibility of the Global Positioning System in Japanese forest area Mariko TANAKA 109-114
NOTE Report on symposium of the Japan Forest Engineering Society in 2003
-Introduction of report
-The experiment about utilization of wood biomass energy
-Operational efficiency and cost of harvesting system for unutilized forest biomass
-Harvesting and utilization system of forest biomass in Scandinavia and Switzerland
-Feasibility of harvesting residual forest biomass in Japan
-Note of debate



NOTE Report on excursion of forest biomass Tatsuya SASAKI 128-130
NOTE Report on INTERFOREST 2002 Yuki IMATOMI 131-133
NOTE Participation in the FORTECHENVI II conference Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA 134-138
ABSTRACT Using haulage distance as a determinant of supply strategy for the bio-energy sector in Denmark Yutaka TATE and Takuyuki YOSHIOKA 139-143

Issue 3

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE An experimental study on the characteristics of suspended sediment running off a forest road surface Sung-Gie LEE, Hirohiko MINEMATSU and Kab-Yeon LEE 159-165
ARTICLE A study on automatic traveling of self-propelled carriages Takayuki ITO and Takumi UEMURA 167-174
ARTICLE Measurement of the rolling angle of a tractor using a headstanding double pendulum Kouichi ICHIHARA, Yoshio FUJII and Hironobu TAKAKU 175-182
ARTICLE A consideration on the ratio for Cost-Benefit of forest road Hiroshi KOBAYASHI and Rin SAKURAI 183-188
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Usage of a sensor combined with GPS, Gyro, and accelerometer in the forested area Kazuhiro ARUGA and Toshio NITAMI 189-194
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT An estimation of necessary manpower and cost of reforestation on cedar and cypress Osamu OHKAWABATA 195-200
NOTE Report on the 2nd Forest Engineering Conference Takuyuki YOSHIOKA 201-206
NOTE New trials to make sustainable use of tropical forests Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA 207-211
NOTE Report on international workshop "Information technology for forestry use and balancing between forestry operation and nature conservation" Toshio NITAMI 212-217
NOTE Report on training of the Japan Forest Engineering Society at Seattle Kaori ITO 218-222
NOTE The report of meeting for the study of woody Rin SAKURAI 223-225
NOTE Introduction of JFES members researches at 2003 Forestry machine show Hirokazu YAMAGUCHI 227-228

Issue 4

Article type Title Authors page
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A Study on Work Times Determined by the Muscle Fatigue of Operators in Forestry Operations Bum-Jin PARK, JaeHeun Oh, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Toshio NITAMI and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 231-234
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Analysis of safe consciousness of forestry workers Yuki IMATOMI 235-238
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Estimation of Solid Volume of Mousoutiku(Phyllostachys pubescns) Keiichi KONDO, Shiro FURUTANI and Kumiko WATANABE 239-243
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Study on the relationship of operational system with swing-yarder in linear thinning Rin SAKURAI, Mitsuo HIMENO, Takashi FUTAMOTO, Toshio NITAMI, and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 245-248
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Problems for Compound standard forest road network and the solution Toshio NITAMI, Rin SAKURAI, Kazuhiro ARUGA and Yutaka TATE 249-252
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Development of forest-road network planning for high utilization of forest resources and environment with PUM method Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 253-255
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Thinning systems used mini-forwarder roads Tooru TANIYAMA 257-258
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Development of simplified manual cable yarding methods for thinning operations by volunteer workers Tomoaki ISHIKAWA, Yoshihiko ISHIDOH, Tadahisa YAMAZAKI, Masami SHIBA and Yutaka YURUGI 259-262
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE FSC's forest certification and CoC system and its influence on forest management and timber harvesting activities -International trend- Masami SHIBA 263-266
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE A remark on the future forest management from the environmental ethics point of view Yozo YAMADA 267-270
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE An experimental study on the effect of slope reinforcement by a wooden retaining wall Shoji INOUE and Yusuke TAKAHASHI 271-274
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Study of the base machine for the small forestry mover -Examination of the spiked type grouser- Yoshinori KUMAKURA, Toshiaki TASAKA and Motoko TOMABECHI 275-278