Vol. 19 (2004)

Issue 1

Article type Title Authors page
FOREWORD On the incorporation of the national universities Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 1-2
ARTICLE Temperature and humidity inside protective clothes for chain saws Yuki IMATOMI and Jun KASHIMA 3-12
ARTICLE Endogenous development and Utilization of Biomass Yasuo KOUNAMI 13-18
ARTICLE Examination of the index of fatigue for mini forwarder operators Bum-Jin PARK, JaeHeun OH, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Toshio NITAMI and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 19-26
ARTICLE Work efficiency and workload between manual work and mechanical work in pruning Yoshihiko TAKIMOTO and Hideki ICHIMURA 27-34
ARTICLE Effectiveness of mask setting for autonomous GPS positioning in forests Katsuhiko YONETSU and Hisashi HASEGAWA 35-42
ARTICLE The possibility of a sawing residue as wood biomass energy and a reduction of carbon dioxide Yoshinori KAWASHIMA, Masahiro IWAOKA and Hirohiko MINEMATSU 43-48
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Application of airborne laser scanner to forest road survey Kazuhiro ARUGA and Edwin S. MIYATA 49-54
ABSTRACT From plantation towards close-to-nature forestry Hideo SAKAI 55-60
ABSTRACT Logging residues from regeneration fellings for biofuel production -a GIS-based availability analysis- Yutaka TATE and Takuyuki YOSHIOKA 61-66
NOTE Report on the IEA Bioenergy Task 31 Annual Workshop 2003 Takuyuki YOSHIOKA 67-72
NOTE International Expert Meeting on the Development and Implementation of National Codes of Practice for Forest Harvesting -Issues and options- Katsuhiro KITAGAWA 73-76
NOTE Development and Utilization of GIS in Washington, USA Kazuhiro ARUGA 77-82

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
SUMMARY OF STUDIES RECIEVED 2003 JFES PRIZE Studies on automatic control of a logging vehicle
Development of the support system for the location of ecoroads in forests using aerial photographs
The development, improvement and diffusion of self-propelled hoist carriages with the radio control function
Masahiro MOZUNA


ARTICLE Ride quality evaluation of a small sized forestry machine Jae-Heun OH, Bum-Jin PARK, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Toshio NITAMI, Du-Song CHA and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 97-106
ARTICLE Workload during Walking Motion in Pine Resin Harvesting in Java's Plantation Forest Yoshihiko TAKIMOTO, Efi Yuliati YOVI and Chikanobu MATSUBARA 107-118
ARTICLE Construction of planning system for forest roads with ability of yarding Rin SAKURAI, Toshio NITAMI and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 119-126
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT The present conditions and problems about wooden structures for forest conservation, by questionnaire for design engineers Satoshi YAMAGUCHI, Shuji UMEDA and Hidenori SUZUKI 127-134
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Effects of post-processed and real-time DGPS on the precision and accuracy of GPS positioning in forested areas Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA and Hisashi HASEGAWA 135-140
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Development of a Large-Scaled 6-Legged Walking Robot For Weeding on a Steep Terrain Hiroshi KOBAYASHI, Toshimichi TSUMAKI and Hiroshi ARAI 141-146
ABSTRACT Forestry Operations in a Sustainable Forestry Hideo SAKAI 147-152
NOTE Report on symposium of the Japan Forest Engineering Society in Tokyo in 2004
-Introduction of report
-The trend and strategy of the information technology for forest engineering
-Development and Utilization of Forest Information in Washington State, USA
-Situation of experiment and research -Expand of competitive research funds in Ministry of Aguriculture, Forestry and Fisheries-
-Utilizing residual forest biomass and bamboo -Trials at a regional research cooperation-
-Forest resource, its simultaneity to forest environment for the utilization based on open system
-Note of debate

Tetsuro SAKAI

Kazuhiro ARUGA


Jun'ichi GOTO


NOTE Toward Feasible Utilization of Forest Biomass Resources in Foothill and Mountain area -Report on the 11th Meeting of Forest Harvesting System Study Group- Yasushi SUZUKI 171-174
NOTE The trends on the Science Council of Japan Katsumi TOYOKAWA 175-176
BOOK REVIEW Participation in the FORTECHENVI II conference Osamu OHKAWABATA 177

Issue 3

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Influence of mechanized site preparation on survival of seedings Takeshi YAMADA, Toshiaki ENDO and Tatsuya SASAKI 197-203
ARTICLE Analysis of Forest Improvement, Road Access, and Forest Conditions in Aichi Prefecture, Japan Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Takeshi MATSUMOTO and Yozo YAMADA 205-216
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A study on the forest roads for tower yarder logging Satoshi YAMAGUCHI, Hidenori SUZUKI, Shuji UMEDA and Osamu OHKAWABATA 217-220
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Effective Use of the Thinning of Woods of Japanese Cedar and Cutback of the Cost of Hillside Works -An Example of Hillside Works in the University Forest,The University of Tokyo, Chiba Japan- Satoru OISHI and Makoto SUZUKI 221-224
NOTE A report on rich forests in Iran Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA 225-230
NOTE 12th International Mountain Logging Conference Kazuhiro ARUGA 231-234
NOTE Report on the 2nd Forest Engineering Conference Takuyuki YOSHIOKA 235-240
NOTE Report of International Science Conference "Forest Engineering : New Techniques, Technologies and Environment" held in Ukraine Takeshi YAMADA 241-246
NOTE Harvesting operations and energy use method of woody biomass -The report of the 4th Japan-Korea Forest Engineering Symposium- Yuki IMATOMI 247-250
NOTE Report on the booth of JFES at Forestry Machine Show in 2004 Tatsuya SASAKI 251-253

Issue 4

Article type Title Authors page
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Influence on the management by possession of the high performance forestry machines Chikashi YOSHIDA, Koji KONDO, Yoshiaki TANAKA and Masaru OKA 255-258
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Current Analysis of lease and rental on High Performance Forestry Machines Tsuyoshi IMAE, Kazuhiro YABE, Kohei ONO and Katsumi TOYOKAWA 259-262
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A design of an independent and sustainable community at mountain area Masao TAKANO, Fuyuki TAKAHASHI, Shinya NISHIMURA and Kohei IZUTSU 263-266
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Positioning of a remote controlled vehicle in forest area Hirokazu YAMAGUCHI, Masahiro MOZUNA, Yoshiaki TANAKA, Masaki JINKAWA and Motoki INOUE 267-270
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT System Dynamics Representation for Forest Operations and the Application -Utilizing Transition Probability of Element Work- Toshio NITAMI 271-273
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A wood pellets supply model for self-supporting heat demand in a mountain region -a case study in Toyone Village- Kohei IZUTSU, Masao TAKANO, Fuyuki TAKAHASHI and Shinya NISHIMURA 275-278
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT The Optimum Road Construction Order for Reducing the Straight Extraction Distance in a Forest Hidenori SUZUKI, Satoshi YAMAGUCHI, Shuji UMEDA and Osamu OHKAWABATA 279-282
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A Consideration on the Structure of Forest Road Hiroshi KOBAYASHI, Toshio NITAMI, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Rin SAKURAI and Naoshige SUGIURA 283-286
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Development of assistive device for bamboo felling Takumi UEMURA, Tatsuya SASAKI and Takayuki ITOU 287-289
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Dangerous factors of pruning used by top handle saw Jun KASHIMA and Yuki IMATOMI 291-294
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Application of 3D distinct element method to track shoe model Yosuke SHIGETA, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Yutaka TATE, Toshio NITAMI and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 295-300
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Damages to a natural forest caused by a selective cutting operation in Ikutora, Hokkaido Shozo SASAKI, Satoshi ISHIBASHI, Gen TAKAO, Masayoshi TAKAHASHI, Shin ABE, Yoshimi SAKAI and Takehiro YAMAGUCHI 301-304
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE A research on the safety perception of volunteer forestry workers Rie TANAKA, Tomoaki ISHIKAWA and Tadahisa YAMAZAKI 305-308
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Timber harvest scheduling and allocation model for simulation long rotation plantation forest management system Masami SHIBA, Tomoaki ISHIKAWA and Yoshihiko ISHIDOU 309-314
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE The potentiality of a hauling method using small-sized grapples and vehicles for thinning operations Tomoaki ISHIKAWA, Riichi HAMAJIMA 315-318
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Trial calculation of wood chip supply cost for fuel Seiichi SASAKI, Osamu TADANO, Tadashi HIGASHINO, Hikari FUKAZAWA and Keijiro OGASAWARA 319-322
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Productivity and cost of the harvesting system of small thinning trees used for fuel chips Shiro TATSUKAWA Seiichi SASAKI and Isao SAWAGUCHI 323-326
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Laborsaving and improvement of labor environment on weeding by using mulch sheets Yuki IMATOMI, Jun KASHIMA, Tetsuya IGARASHI, Koji KONDO and Shin IKEDA 327-330
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Damage of understory trees caused by line thinning of overstory trees in line multi-storied forest Michiharu KONDO 331-333
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Questionnaire investigation about the consumer's opinion of lumber consumption for the domestic timber use in Japan(1) -A case of the second year of Tokyo Univ. of Agric.- Mariko TANAKA 335-338