Vol. 6 (1991)

Issue 1

Article type Title Author page
REVIEW Discussion about cable-system progress in Japanese cable yarding Noboru Morioka 1-4
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Improvement on the efficiency of data analysis of time study Toshi Nitami and Takashi Hatsukade 5-13
NOTE J.F.E.A. Excursion 1990 Editors 15-16
NOTE Logging Fair in Hitoyoshi and Kuma Junichi Shimizu 17-20
NOTE XIX IUFRO World Congress Report
-Forest Engineering Division in IUFRO World Congress-
-Post Congress Excursion No.10-

Toshio Nitami
Masahiro Iwaoka
ABSTRACT Cost of and soil Loss on "Minimum-Standard" Forest Truck Roads Constructed in the Central Appalachians J.N.Kochenderfer, G.W.Wendel and H.Clay Smith
(Masashi Yamamoto)
ABSTRACT Arbeitsstudien bei der hochmechanisierten Schwacholzernte mit dem Kombinationsgerat Mauko der OBF Takashi Hatsukade and Hiroshi Kobayashi 35-42

Issue 2

Article type Title Author page
REVIEW Forest conservation, Production and road network Kouichi Kanzaki 1-10
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Job rotation and the shift system in Swedish mechanized forestry Arne Nabo 11-16
NOTE The symposium of the Japan Forest Engineering Association "The effort for efficient thinning operation in private forest" Editors 17-36