Vol. 35 (2020)

Issue 1 Special Issue:Necessary technologies and requirements to turn forestry into a growth sector

Article type Title Authors page
FOREWORD Thinking about smart forestry Yozo Yamada
FOREWORD OF SPECIAL ISSUE Introduction of the special issue on “Necessary technologies and requirements to turn forestry into a growth sector” Kotaro Zushi 3-5
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Strip road detection with semantic segmentation based on deep convolutional neural networks Kengo Usui and Masahiro Mozuna 7-13
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Productivity assessment of harvesting mechanization for sustainable forest utilization in mountainous areas Takashi Sato, Takaaki Hurubayashi, Kazuyoshi Nemoto and Toshihiko Nakata 15-24
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE A labour-saving, nursing seedling system for male-sterile Japanese cedar using agricultural machinery Maki Saito 25-30
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Investigation of the placement of access roads in cutting areas and its effect on forestry machine travel distances and productivity in the National forests in Hokkaido Yuta Inomata, Takeshi Yamada, Hiroko Muneoka, Shozo Sasaki and Naoyuki Furuya 31-38
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT FOR SPECIAL ISSUE The spread and problems of Forest Certification in Tama Lumber (Tamasanzai) Yoshiko Hashimoto, Yuko Kimura, Mayuko Kobayashi and Kiyoshi Mitani 39-44
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Work recognition using physical stress level and motion analysis in forestry labor Hajime Kajitani and Tsuyoshi Kajisa 45-52
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Revitalizing Forest and Forestry, and the strategy for mechanization Koki Okawa 53-60
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE High value-added production from unutilized tree species "Nezumisashi" (Juniperus rigida) in rural forest with local wood biomass utilization as a background Atsushi Yamaba 61-66
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Efforts for practical application of forest resource survey using UAV in Ishikawa Prefecture Yutaka Yada 67-69

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Cost burden and cost composition of logging contractors investing in high-performance forestry machinery Tatsuya Owake and Noriko Sato 77-86
ARTICLE An actual analysis of spur road maintenance in the Shirasu area, Southern Kyushu, Japan Yoshihito Iuchi, Masaru Oka, Yukiyoshi Teramoto and Eturo Simokawa 87-96
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Functional evaluation of slope protection using microalgae Soma Nitta, Kazuhiro Yabe, Yuki Imatomi, Fumio Eguchi and Kanya Tokunaga 97-101
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Performance evaluation of a manually locking carriage system for the light cable yarding Kohei Yoshizumi, Kazuhiro Yabe, Takaya Chihara and Yuki Imatomi 103-108
NOTE Report on the fourth seminar of “Availability estimation and harvesting system of unused woody materials” Kazuhiro Aruga, Masashi Konoshima, Hidesato Kanomata, Keisuke Toyama and Kai Moriguchi 109-112
NOTE Report on attending the symposium Dai Otsuka 113-115
NOTE Report on the exhibition and demonstration of forest, forestry and environmental machinery 2019 Tetsuhiko Yoshimura 116-119
NOTE Report on seminars for young persons in 2018th FOREST UTILIZATIONS & FOREST PLANNINGS Masaru Watanabe 120-123
NOTE Report on the FORMEC Congress 2019 Masaru Watanabe 124-127
BOOK REVIEW   Takuyuki Yoshioka 128-129

Issue 3

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Analysis of construction method of operational forest road by motion measurement of excavator Hirokazu Yamaguchi, Hidenori Suzuki, Yuta Inomata, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Hiroko Muneoka, Yoshihiro Kariya and Naoki Shimizu 137-146
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Interpretation of forestry work road networks by using small fixed-wing UAV Seishiro Taki, Masahiko Nakazawa and Haruto Akamatsu 147-151
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Examination in productivity of producing wood chip on forest residues and mill-waste with small chipper Tadashi Hatabu and Kyohei Yamakami 153-158
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Case report on static survey at open space and PPK analysis by low-cost dual-frequency GNSS receivers Hiroyuki Kobayashi 159-165
NOTE Report on the IUFRO World Congress 2019 Keisuke Toyama, Kazuhiro Aruga and Yasushi Suzuki 167-171
BOOK REVIEW   Yasushi Suzuki 172-173
BOOK REVIEW   Yozo Yamada 174-175

Issue 4

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Productivities and resources of a logging broadleaved forest with forestry vehicles on a flat land in the snow season. Masahiko Nakazawa, Tatsuya Sasaki, Chikashi Yoshida, Takumi Uemura, Hidenori Suzuki, Seishiro Taki, Shinjiro Oya, Haruto Akamatsu and Daisuke Ito 189-196
ARTICLE Performance and weeding costs of a new silviculture machine for cutting larch stumps. Ichiro Watanabe 197-202
ARTICLE Construction of three-dimensional point cloud data of work roads using video data. Seishiro Taki, Masahiko Nakazawa, Masashi Saitou, Katsumasa Oono, Hidenori Suzuki, Chikashi Yoshida, Takaya Chihara and Koutaro Zushi 203-208
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Improvement of the scattering protective cover for bush cutters. Genki Ito, Kazuhiro Yabe and Yuki Imatomi 209-214
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Adoptability of text mining for analysis of forestry labor accidents. Yuta Inomata, Hirokazu Yamaguchi and Kengo Usui 215-222
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Estimation of transportation distance and time between forests and a woody biomass power plant using a Web map service. Chisa Nakata and Akemi Itaya 223-230
NOTE Report on the IUFRO Division3 Virtual Business Meeting. Yasushi Suzuki 231-233
BOOK REVIEW   Yoshiaki Matsuzaw 234