Vol. 20 (2005)

Issue 1

Article type Title Authors page
FOREWORD On the evaluation of the research work Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 1-2
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Development of travel route input method for an autonomous forwarder Masahiro MOZUNA and Hirokazu YAMAGUCHI 3-8
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Test of the new special, loading energy cycled timber bridge for longer span and expectation of its application to steel model Shoji OKAWARA 9-14
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Current state of yarding operations and work safety with a swing-yarder Yuki IMATOMI, Takumi UEMURA and Takashi FUTAMOTO 15-22
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE GPS positioning accuracy while walking under forest canopy in summer and winter seasons Yasuyuki TACHIKI, Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA, Hisashi HASEGAWA, Tomonori MITA, Tetsuro SAKAI and Futoshi NAKAMURA 23-28
ABSTRACT Nordic implementation of sustainable forest management Hideo SAKAI 29-33
NOTE How can we make profits by thinning, and utilize them to the fullest?-Report on the 12th Workshop on Forest Production System- Hisashi HASEGAWA 35-40
NOTE Report of the symposium of forest spatial utilization association Yozo YAMADA 41-48

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
SUMMARY OF STUDIES RECIEVED 2004 JFES PRIZE Studiy of Compound standard forest road network and the solution
Development of the support system for the location of ecoroads in forests using aerial photographs


ARTICLE Applications of Distinct Element Method to Toyoura sand deformation caused by leg motions in three dimensions Kazuhiro ARUGA and Yosuke SHIGETA 61-70
ARTICLE Route Planning and Road Construction Priorities Based on Forest Operations in Aichi Prefecture, Japan Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Takeshi MATSUMOTO, Yozo YAMADA and Minoru KONDO 71-82
ARTICLE Studies on the rate of maintenance and repair costs of high performance forestry machines Masaru OKA, Motoki INOUE, Takumi UEMURA and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 83-94
NOTE Report on symposium of the Japan Forrest Engineering Society in Sapporo -Introduction of report-
-Machine Operator's Suggestion from Forestry Site
-Development of Forestry Machines for Sustainable Forest Management-Trouble and Secret Stories of Manufacture-
-The Case of Distribution Cost Reduction
-For decreasing logging cost with row thinning and GIS
-Environmental issues related to forest harvestings
-Note of debate


Yoshiji FUJIO
Toshiyuki TSUSHIMA
NOTE Report of the Forest Engineering Forum -Strategy of the Multiple Utilization of Forest- Isao SAWAGUCHI 115-120
NOTE Report on the international seminar in Malaysia Akemi ITAYA 121-123

Issue 3

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Factors Affecting Workload and Work Efficiency in Pine Resin Harvesting Operations in Java’s Plantation Forests Efi Yuliati YOVI, Yoshihiko TAKIMOTO, Koichi ICHIHARA and Chikanobu MATSUBARA 141-150
ARTICLE Development of Auto Carrying System for Forest Conservation Masaki JINKAWA, Hirokazu YAMAGUCHI, Chikashi YOSHIDA, Kuniaki FURUKAWA, Yozo YAMADA, Hiroshi KOBAYASHI, Toshiaki SATAKE, Keiji HOURAI, Tadahiro INAGAKI, Mitsuo UEDA and Kenji UCHIYAMA 151-162
ARTICLE Investigation of a theoretical formula of stump holding power derived from treefall data Toshiaki TASAKA, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Keigo MATSUE and Nozomi TAKAGI 163-169
ARTICLE Damage to trees caused by thinning of overstoried trees in a multi-storied stand Michiharu KONDO and Makoto IMAI 171-182
ARTICLE Calculation of the rate of machinery depreciation of high performance forestry machines on the basis of actual value of machine operation Masaru OKA, Motoki INOUE and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 183-191
ARTICLE A study on extraction algorithm of potential yarding area by H-type skyline systems Minoru KONDO, Sumiko YAMAUCHI, Takeshi MATSUMOTO, Yasushi SUZUKI and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 193-202
NOTE Report on post-congress tour of XXII IUFRO World Congress in New Zealand Kazuhiro ARUGA 203-207
NOTE Report on the exhibition by JFES at Forestry Machine Show 2005 Hidenori SUZUKI 208-209

Issue 4

Article type Title Authors page
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT High performance forestry machines operator’s sense of using seat belt Jun KASHIMA 215-218
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A study of the statics of H-type skyline systems which two skylines are not parallel and isometry Minoru KONDO and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 219-224
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Development of a new carriage for turn back yarding system Toshiaki TASAKA, Kazuhiro ARUGA and Takehisa KOJIMA 225-228
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A study on the low cost harvesting and transporting of forest biomass -Development of a new bundling machine for branches and treetops- Kenzo YOGI, Shigeru OKABE, Yuichi TUGE and Masahiko TAKUWA 229-232
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Present state of human resource cultivation and skill-up in forest owners’ cooperative -A case of Toyokawa-river basin in Aichi Pref.- Harumi MOCHIZUKI and Yozo YAMADA 233-236
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT An investigation of technical education for forestry beginners Yuki IMATOMI 237-242
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Evaluation of influence of plant diversity and soil conservation by machine logging Chikashi YOSHIDA and Yoshiaki TANAKA 243-246
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Influence of clear cutting in riparian area to physical factors and aquatic organisms in the stream -Verification of width of riparian management zone which decreasing influence of clear cutting- Kaori ITO, Takuyuki YOSHIOKA, Koki INOUE and Itsuro ISHIGAKI 247-252
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Effect of undercut shape on felling direction and development of an aid tool for correct undercutting Noriyuki NAKAGAWA, Tomoaki ISHIKAWA, Tadahisa YAMAZAKI and Takayuki UCHISAKO 253-256
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Working efficiency of pruning work with the top-handled chainsaw Koji KONDO, Jun KASHIMA, Chikashi YOSHIDA, Masaru OKA and Yuki IMATOMI 257-261
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Working time for felling bamboo using assistive device Takayuki ITO, Takumi UEMURA and Tatsuya SASAKI 263-266
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Measurement of skidding resistance about Bamboo harvesting Takumi UEMURA, Tatsuya SASAKI and Takayuki ITO 267-268
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Work time of trimming branches of bamboos Tatsuya SASAKI, Takumi UEMURA and Takayuki ITO 269-272
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Studies on the effect of reduction of tree damage in case of simple protector using Masaru OKA, Tatsuya SASAKI, Koji KONDO, Jun KASHIMA, Takamitsu HAMAMOTO,Yoshihiro KARIYA and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 273-276
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Damage reduction method of understoried trees caused by thinning of overstoried trees in a multi-storied stand -Pruning effect before thinning of overstoried trees- Michiharu KONDO and Makoto IMAI 277-280
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Modeling of Timber Harvesting Operation by System Dynamics and the Productivity Estimation Function Toshio NITAMI 281-284
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A study on the forest roads for yarder logging Satoshi YAMAGUCHI, Hidenori SUZUKI, Shuji UMEDA and Osamu OHKAWABATA 285-287
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Estimating of soil sediment from forest strip roads in the foothills of Mt. Fuji using WEPP Kazuhiro ARUGA, Toshiaki TASAKA, Takuyuki YOSHIOKA, Hideo SAKAI and Sadamoto WATANABE 289-293
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE A consideration about the influence of long rotation management Mariko TANAKA 295-298
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Using eCognition for estimation of operational site units in forestry -scheme and application of method of analysis- Akemi ITAYA and Masami SHIBA 299-303
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Study on the way to define what yarding/skidding machinery to use for thinning operation Akiyoshi KANNO, Toshio NITAMI and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 305-308
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Trial calculation of supply cost of transportation and chipping at the factory in the case of using logging residues as woody biofuel Seiichi SASAKI and Osamu TADANO 309-312
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Logging operation of wind and snow damaged tree Hidekazu NAGAMINE, Katsumi TOYOKAWA and Kazuhiro YABE 313-316