Vol. 23 (2008)

Issue 1

Article type Title Authors page
FOREWORD New age of forest engineering Hideo SAKAI
ARTICLE Current states and challenges in adopting the Hiyoshi-style integrated forest management Tomomi SAKAMOTO, Masami SHIBA and Makoto KAWAMURA 3-10
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Improving the efficiency of forest surveys using GPS and a laser distance meter Nobuhiro MIZUTA 11-16
NOTE Record of the Lecture “Forest Harvesting Trends and Small Scale Forest Management in the USA Pacific Northwest” by Loren Kellogg, the Professor of Oregon State University Rin SAKURAI 17-19
NOTE Report on the field meeting of JFES Michiharu KONDO 21-25
NOTE Report on the symposium of the field meeting of JFES Michiharu KONDO 27-31

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
SUMMARY OF STUDIES RECIEVED 2007 JFES PRIZE Studies on the design of H-type cable yarding systems Minoru KONDO 39
ARTICLE DeltaForest: a navigation system for the forest resources monitoring project using PDA and GPS Yasuyuki TACHIKI, Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA, Hisashi HASEGAWA, Tetsuro SAKAI and Futoshi NAKAMURA 41-52
ARTICLE Operation Analysis and Improvement of a Logging System Using High-performance Forestry Machines in a Mature Forest Tomoaki ISHIKAWA, Takehiko TSUJIBATA, Akihiro MATSUSHITA, Akemi ITAYA, Kiyomi HAMAMOTO and Takahiko TSUJIBATA 53-62
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Comparison of site preparation costs between new excavator-based Bush Cutter and conventional methods Masahiko NAKAGAWA and Ken SAKURAI 63-66
NOTE Report on the 15th Workshop of Forest Production System Yozo YAMADA 67-69
NOTE Speeches of the symposium of the 15th Workshop on Forest Production System Minoru KONDO 71-76
NOTE Discussion of the symposium of the 15th Workshop on Forest Production System Tomoaki ISHIKAWA 77-80
NOTE Report on the symposium of the Japan Forest Engineering Society 2008
-A problem awaiting solution on forest roads-

-Functions of forest roads accomplish subcompartment control and base equation for formation
-The role of forest road networks in high productivity yarding system
-Evaluation of empirical techniques to make forest roads
-Maintenance methods of forest roads against natural disasters
-Note of debate

Hirohiko MINEMATSU and Masahiro IWAOKA

Toshiaki TASAKA

Tetsuro SAKAI

NOTE A trial of International Field Science Training on 2007: A new curriculum on international coorporation of Faculty of Agriculutre, Kochi University Yasushi SUZUKI 113-116

Issue 3 Special Issue: Renovative movements on mechanized forestry

Article type Title Authors page
FOREWORD FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Introduction of the special issue “New mechanization” Toshio NITAMI 133-134
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Development of follow travel controller of forwarder Masahiro MOZUNA, Hirokazu YAMAGUCHI, Tatsuya SASAKI and Masaru OKA 135-140
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Development of a rail type logging machine with grapple crane Masaki JINKAWA, Hirokazu YAMAGUCHI, Kuniaki FURUKAWA, Akira OUCHI, Takami HATANO, Toshiaki SATAKE and Keiji HOURAI 141-148
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Development of a pair of new yarding carriages with automatic load exchanging mechanism and switch back function Toshiaki TASAKA, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Akira NISHIKAWA and Toshihiko YAMASAKI 149-156
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Application of auto-landing control in self-propelled carriage to log Takayuki ITO and Takumi UEMURA 157-168
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Innovative double long arm vehicle system for log harvesting operation Toshio NITAMI and Satoshi ABE 169-174
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Volume reduction of forest biomass with large scale bundling machine Masaru MURAKAMI and Takanobu YAMADA 175-178
ARTICLE Growth status of lower-story Hinoki trees five growth periods after damage from upper-story thinning in a multi-storied stand Michiharu KONDO, Makoto IMAI, Masato YAMANOUCHI and Tatsuya SASAKI 179-188
ARTICLE Comparison of local forestry operations in the Higashimikawa Forest Planning Area of Aichi Prefecture Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Takeshi MATSUMOTO and Yozo YAMADA 189-200
NOTE Report on the 3rd Forest Engineering Conference Kazuhiro ARUGA 201-206
NOTE Report on the IUFRO All-D3-Conference 2008 "Pathways to Environmentally Sound Technologies for Natural Resource Use" (research meeting section) Hisashi HASEGAWA, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Akemi ITAYA, Masahiro IWAOKA, Rin SAKURAI, Tatsuya SASAKI, Hidenori SUZUKI, Yasushi SUZUKI, Toshio NITAMI, Mitsuhiro NOSE and Hirokazu YAMAGUCHI 207-214
NOTE Report on the IUFRO All-D3-Conference 2008
”Pathways to Environmentally Sound Technologies for Natural Resource Use” (excursion section)
Rin SAKURAI 215-218
NOTE Report on the exhibition by JFES at Forestry Machine Show 2008 Takayuki ITO 219-221

Issue 4

Article type Title Authors page
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Discussion on the problems of the support projects for getting employed in forestry Ryota YOSHIDOMI, Takuyuki YOSHIOKA, Katsuaki SUGIURA and Koki INOUE 223-226
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Feasibility of integrating fragmented, small-size, and dispersed private forest areas-A case study on the Odawara City Forest Owners’ Association, Kanagawa Prefecture- Takuyuki YOSHIOKA, Tatsuo KOBAYASHI, Katsuaki SUGIURA and Koki INOUE 227-232
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Research on running route extraction technique for forwarder using stereo image processing Ryosuke SHIRATORI, Yusuke MORI, Kazuhiro ARUGA and Toshiaki TASAKA 233-237
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT A study on planting operation by the containerized seedlings planting machine Takeshi YAMADA, Shozo SASAKI, Toshiaki ENDO and Koji KONDO 239-242
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Design for system and the cost of forest wood biomass harvesting Toshio NITAMI, Takao IIZAWA and Satoshi ABE 243-246
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Development of assistive device which cut down a tree using chain saw Tomoaki ISHIKAWA, Akemi ITAYA, Tomohiro UEO, Hiroshi YAMAMOTO, Masatomi NITTA and Yutaka YURUGI 247-250
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Select of brush-cutters and blades in brush-cutter operation Jun KASHIMA, Takumi UEMURA and Masaru OKA 251-254
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT The possibility of using synthetic rope in yarding operation Ryo FUKUI, Kazuya SUGIMOTO, Kazumi OTSUKA, Hisashi HASEGAWA and Taeko MAEDA 255-258
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Influence of cutting rate on the area where trees can be skidded with a single wire rope directly to skidding road Yoshiaki TANAKA, Masaru OKA, Chikashi YOSHIDA, Koji KONDO, Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Nobuyuki TSUZUKI and Eiji KODANI 259-262
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Application of granular solid made from paper sludge ash as the roadbed materials of a strip road Kenzo YOGI, Mitsuo KAWAMOTO, Masatada MIYOSHI and Takashi MATSUO 263-266
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Development on the algorithm for automatic establishment of strip road networks in a privately-owned forest, Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture - using the method to maximize the cost-benefit ratio - Kazuhiro ARUGA, Kaname ITO, Yusuke MORI, Masashi SAITO and Toshiaki TASAKA 267-271
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Development of the automatic forest roads design system as a terrain acceptable type using high - resolution DTM Masashi SAITO, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Toshiaki TASAKA and Keigo MATUE 273-276
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE A consideration about raising funds for the cost of road works before thinning operation Mariko TANAKA 277-280
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Experiment of the crushing branches and drying by rejection heat of chip boiler before combustion Akiyoshi KANNO and Masayuki OZAWA 281-284