Vol. 8 (1993)

Issue 1

Article type Title Authors page
REVIEW Applied Reserch and Future Development on Ergonomics Osamu Iwakawa 1-8
ARTICLE Forest Road Planning for the Logging Systems Tadahisa Yamazaki, Masami Shiba and Jiro Tobioka 9-15
ARTICLE Development of a Small-sized Mobile Tower-yarder with a interlocked Winch
Transferring the Torque between the Haulback Drum and Main-pulling Drum
Masao Shishiuchi, Jun'ichi Gotou, Hideo Sakai and Ryoichiro Oikawa 17-28
ABSTRACT Seppi Forest-M Mulching Mower Hiroshi Kobayashi 29-31
ABSTRACT Allegro SP1200 Intermittent Tree Planter Hiroshi Kobayashi 32-34
NOTE IUFRO Workshop S3.06/3.05 and University of Munich
"Computer Aided Planning of Forest Road and Logging System"
Masami Shiba 35-39
NOTE The Meeting of International Society of Agricultural Machinery Toshio Nitami 40-42
NOTE IUFRO Workshop S3.04-02 : "Research of Operation Time -Measuring Method and Difinition-" Toshio Nitami 43-48
NOTE Excursion of the Japan Forest Engineering Association
"The Assessment for Construction of R140"
"Multistoried Forest Operation with the Tower-yarder" J.F.E.A
Editors 49-51

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
REVIEW Future development on robot application in forestry Tatsuo Tsujiii 1-6
ARTICLE Waiting time of a processor for tractor logging Taro Shishiuchi and Hideo Sakai 7-16
ARTICLE A study on the work environment of the harvester operator Katsumi Toyokawa and Yozo Yamada 17-24
NOTE Symposium of Japan Forest Engineering Association
"Ergonomical aspects for future operations in Japan"
Editors 25-39
NOTE Letters from study abroad Hiroshi Kobayashi 41-44