Vol. 26 (2011)

Issue 1 Special Issue: Work environment and safe management in forestry

Article type Title Authors page
FOREWORD New departure of the journal of the Japan Forest Engneering Society Hideo SAKAI
FOREWORD OF SPECIAL ISSUE Introduction of the special issue ”Work environment and safe management in forestry” Yozo YAMADA 3-5
REVIEW FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Labor accident preventions and problem in forestry under the system of industrial safety and health act Shigeru MATSUKUMA 7-14
ARTICLE FOR SPECIAL ISSUE A study on methods for removing a hung-up tree by skidding at its butt end Shiro TATSUKAWA, Shintaro ASOU and Isao SAWAGUCHI 15-20
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Estimated risk factors and patterns of accidents in harvesting operations with forwarders Yuki IMATOMI, Takumi UEMURA, and Takashi KATO 21-26
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Studies on the forestry death disaster of introduction of high performance forestry machines in 10th year Masaru OKA, Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Tatsuya SASAKI, Chikashi YOSHIDA, Takumi UEMURA, Jun KASHIMA and Takashi KATO 27-34
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Periods of healing and lost work time of incision wounds by chainsaws Jun KASHIMA and Takumi UEMURA 35-38
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT FOR SPECIAL ISSUE Safety on an operation of "the felling-yarding alternate system" using a swing-yader -Influence of a falling tree on the tension of operating lines Shinji HIROBE, Takayuki ITO and Yoshihiro KARIYA 39-43
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT FOR SPECIAL ISSUE An investigation on the safety operation training to newcomers in forestry Katsumi TOYOKAWA, Shigeru MATSUKUMA, Takashi KATOU, Kazuhiro YABE and Kouichi ICHIHARA 45-50
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Natural drying of the man-made bundled branches Koushi MIMURA, Kazuhiro YABE, Tadashi HATABU and Katsumi TOYOKAWA 51-56
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Investigation of the harvesting method for logging residues using Wood Shear for rough chipping –Productivity of harvesting system to landing- Chikashi YOSHIDA, Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Masahiro MOZUNA, Masaki JINKAWA, Yuji IKAMI, Tsutomu TAKANO, Yuki IMATOMI and Masaru OKA, Kuniaki FURUKAWA, Hisao USUDA and Masahiro IWAOKA 57-64
NOTE Symposium organized by three forestry academic associations on “Forest and forestry from now in Japan – Problems of new proposed Forest Management Plan” Hideo SAKAI 65-66
NOTE Problems of “Forest Management Plan” excluded small-scale forest owners Noriko SATO 67-69
NOTE Present status and problems of forest operation systems utilizing forest roads network Jun’ichi GOTOU 71-72
NOTE Report on the 32nd COFE Annual Meeting 2009 Jiyoung SON 73-75
Noriko SATO

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Geographic characteristics of spur road configuration according to their functions Yuta INOMATA, Masahiro IWAOKA, Hirihiko MINEMATSU, Hidenori SUZUKI and Siaw ONWONA-AGYEMAN 87-96
ARTICLE Aged change of bearing capacity of new construction skidding road Isao SAWAGUCHI, Yoshifumi TAKAHASHI, Shiro TATSUKAWA and Takeyasu TAKAHASHI 97-104
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Soil movement and underground vegetation mass in Sugi stands after line thinning Junsuke SUGIMOTO, Yasushi SUZUKI and Jun'ichi GOTOU 105-110
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Survey of employee satisfaction on a forest owners' cooperative in Hyogo Prefecture Kazuya SUGIMOTO, Yasuto ITO and Hisashi HASEGAWA 111-115
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Damage of understoried trees by clear-cutting of overstoried trees in multi-storied stand -using a harvester with long-reach arm- Michiharu KONDO, Shinjiro OYA and Kazuhiko MITSUISHI 117-121
NOTE Report on the exhibition by JFES at Forestry Machine Show 2010 Satoshi YAMAGUCHI 123-126
NOTE Report on the field meeting of the Japan Forest Engineering Society 2010 Yutaro TAKEI 127-130
NOTE Report on the 3rd student summer seminar of the Japan Forest Engineering Society Yuta INOMATA 131-132
NOTE Report on the 33rd COFE Kazuhiro ARUGA 133-139
NOTE Report on the XXIII IUFRO world congress in Seoul, Korea Nguyen NGOC QUANG and Yuta INOMATA 141-142

Issue 3

Article type Title Authors page
SUMMARY OF STUDIES RECEIVED THE 2010 JFES PRIZE Studies about methods for reducing damage to lower-story trees accompanying upper-story thinning in a multi-storied stand and silvicultural system of multi-storied stand Michiharu KONDO 155
ARTICLE A study on the planning method for circular forest road networks considering geographic features in a private forest in Kanuma city, Tochigi Prefecture Kaname ITO, Ayami MURAKAMI, Masashi SAITO, Kazuhiro ARUGA and Toshiaki TASAKA 157-162
ARTICLE Operational efficiency and residual stand damage by a collector-cable-logging method for thinning operations Yasushi SUZUKI, Jun'ichi GOTOU, Junsuke SUGIMOTO, Toshihiko YAMASAKI, Tatsuya YAMAGUCHI,Takashi NAKAYA and Atsushi TODA 163-172
ARTICLE Development of thinning system using excavator with long-reach grapple -Productivity and cost of the system- Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Yuki IMATOMI, Masaru OKA, Yoshiaki TANAKA, Chikashi YOSHIDA, Takumi UEMURA, Hirokazu YAMAGUCHI, Hidenori SUZUKI, Shuji UMEDA, Masahiro TAKAHASHI and Yoshihito FUJII 173-180
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Consideration about safety and efficient log transportation by forwarders Yukari KUMAZAWA, Makoto FUJITA, Atsushi YAMASAKI, Kan KOYAMA, Koichi ICHIHARA and Masaru OKA 181-186
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL NOTE Carbon-dioxide emission estimations and balance analysis on forestry operations -Case study of forestry enterprises in Tochigi Prefecture- Chikara NAKAHATA, Miki KOMATSUZAKI, Kazuhiro ARUGA, Yutaro TAKEI, Reiko YAMAGUCHI, Kaname ITO, Ayami MURAKAMI, Masashi SAITO and Toshiaki TASAKA 187-194
Kenzo YOGI

Issue 4

Article type Title Authors page
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Aging degradation of wood structure of operation road (in English) Hiroko AIZAWA, Hideo SAKAI, Naoto ANDO, Tomoaki SOMA and Rin SAKURAI 215-220
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Trial manufacturing of processor that can be used also for biomass harvesting Masahiro MOZUNA, Masaki JINKAWA, Chikashi YOSHIDA, Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Yuji IKAMI, Masahiro IWAOKA, Kuniaki FURUKAWA, Hisao USUDA, Yoshiyuki KUSANO and Seiichiro TANAKA 221-225
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Development of a forwarder for biomass Masaki JINKAWA, Chikashi YOSHIDA, Masahiro MOZUNA, Masahiko NAKAZAWA, Yuji IKAMI, Kuniaki FURUKAWA, Hisao USUDA, Masahiro IWAOKA, Masami MOROOKA and Noboru MOROOKA 227-231
NOTE Report on the field meeting of the 17th Workshop on Forest Production System Hisashi HASEGAWA 233-235
NOTE Report on the symposium of the 17th Workshop on Forest Production System Hisashi HASEGAWA 237-247
NOTE Report on the conference of the Japan Forest Engineering Society "The situation around Forest Engineering" Satoshi YAMAGUCHI, Hideo SAKAI, Yorimitsu TSUMOTO, Masaki JINKAWA, Jun KASHIMA and Masami KUROKAWA 249-263
Tadatoshi MORIYAMA