Vol. 10 (1995)

Issue 1

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Operational characteristics of Chinese-made high-handle chain saws -Comparison with low-handle chain saw- Degang KONG and Yoshio FUJII 1-9
ARTICLE A Study of movement functions among forestry works Katsumi TOYOKAWA,Yuki IMATOMI,Yozo YAMADA and Koichi ICHIKAWA 10-20
ARTICLE Thinning operation system with a Mobil Tower-Yarder
-A two-step logging operation system of the L type-
SangJun PARK,Hirishi YAMAMOTO,Masahiro IWAOKA and HiroshiKOBAYASHI 21-26
ARTICLE A measurement system of the ground surface profile using the laser sensor Toshiaki TASAKA,Yasuyuki EDAGAWA,Hirobumi WAKAMATSU and Yoichi WADA 27-33
ARTICLE An analysis of the mini-forwarder operation based on the cost of erosion-control Shiro TATSUKAWA,Masao SHISHIUCHI and Yuji OHNISHI 34-42
ARTICLE A Study to evaluate the mental acceptability of transmigration for industrial forest plantations in East Kalimantan Slamet Mulyono,Seca Gandaseca,Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA and Koichi KANZAKI 43-51
ARTICLE The studies on the evaluation method of forest road surface Masashi YAMAMOTO 52-56
ARTICLE Fuzzy calculation method used inprocessing the result of a survey on a pruning machine Yoshihiko TAKIMOTO and Jianbo HUANG 57-62
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Recent studies on internal wire breakage Takumi UEMURA 63-68
RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL REPORT Progress of introduction and spread of mini-forwarder in Japanese private forests Mariko TANAKA,Kouhei ONO and Minoru KAMIIIZAKA 69-73
NOTE Report on The COFE/IUFRO Meeting
-Advanced Technology in Forest Operations: Applied Ecology in Action-
Masahiro IWAOKA 74-80
NOTE Report on the IUFRO International Workshop Jun KITAMURA 81-84
NOTE Technique of constructing yarding roads and management of two-storied forests by crane-yarder Chikashi YOSHIDA 85-87

Issue 2

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Thinning Operation by a Semi-legged Vehicle Kazuhiro ARUGA,Masahiro IWAOKA,Hideo SAKAI and Hiroshi KOBAYASHI 105-115
ARTICLE Study on evaluation of fatigue of industrial forest plantation workers in East Kalimantan Seca Gandaseca,Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA,Toshiaki YAMAMOTO and Kouichi KANZAKI 117-123
ARTICLE Working conditions and physiological loads of industrial forest plantation workers in East Kalimantan Seca Gandaseca,Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA,Toshiaki YAMAMOTO and Kouichi KANZAKI 125-130
ARTICLE Work load in relation to employment terms Koki INOUE and Naoto KATAGIRI 131-137
ARTICLE Recovery of Soil Physical Properties and Growth of Planted Seedlings in About 10 Years Following Soil Disturbance by Tractor Logging Masao SHISHIUCHI and Yasuyuki SATOMURA 139-144
ARTICLE A mechanization development model of logging operations Toshiaki OWARI,Toshio NITAMI and Katsuyuki MINATO 145-152
ARTICLE The evaluation of the environmental impact of mobile tower-yarder operations Yasuyuki SATOMURA and Masao SHISHIUCHI 153-160
ARTICLE Non-destructive test on wire ropes of tower yarder Dong Sheng CHU,Koichi KANZAKI and Kunihiko NUMATA 161-167

Issue 3

Article type Title Authors page
ARTICLE Analysis of deforestation before and after logging ban in Eastern Thailand by using GIS Wanchai ARUNPRAPARUT and Toshiaki TASAKA 187-193
ARTICLE The evaluation of potential slope failure of forest roads using the fuzzy theory Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA,Gen AKAHANE and Kouichi KANZAKI 195-204
ARTICLE The analysis on the factors of forest road disasters in the area of Southern Akaishi Mountains Keiichi KONDO and Nobuhiro KAMIYA 205-212
ARTICLE Performance of brush cutting machines
-Obstacle factors of the surface in planting area-
Yoshinori KUMAKURA,Osamu KODAMA and Toshiaki TASAKA 213-223
ARTICLE Two algorithm's for forest-road planning using digital terrain map(D.T.M.) Tetsuo SAKAI 225-231
ARTICLE Actual speed of an articulated-frame wheel-skidder of full-tree skidding Hideo SAKAI,Kazuhiko SAKAMOTO and Hiromiti TAKEI 233-242
ARTICLE Simulation of the yarding and log-making operations system with a use of GPSS Xiangyang ZHOU and Yoshio FUJII 243-252
ARTICLE Locus control of a Knuckle Boom Crane for forestry machine Masahiro MOZUNA 253-261
NOTE Symposium of the Japan Forest Engineering Association in 1995(1) Chikashi YOSHIDA 263-267
NOTE Symposium of the Japan Forest Engineering Association in 1995(2) Chikashi YOSHIDA 269-274
NOTE Report on IUFRO XX World Congress, Tampere, Finland Minoru KONDO 275-280
NOTE Report on the IUFRO XX World Congress in Finland "Caring for the Forest : Research in a Changing World" Yoshinori KUMAKURA 281-287
NOTE Report on the presentations in IUFRO XX World Congress Toshiaki Owari 288-290